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multiIntenseCare by Fresenius Medical Care is a comprehensive concept for the supply of your ICU patients. It is designed to support the work of physicians and hospital staff in order to save lives.

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CRRT with the new multiFiltratePRO

The multiFiltratePRO is a new-generation CRRT device that builds on the substantial experience with the multiFiltrate and the successfully established Ci-Ca® regional anticoagulation.

Thoughtfully designed, the multiFiltratePRO supports hospital staff in intensive care units through a multitude of features. It helps to effectively apply CRRT to patients with acute kidney injury while keeping the workload limited. Patients benefit from less bleeding, long filter running times and lower blood product requirements.1-4

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Large and adjustable touch screen with status recognition light on top.

Large and adjustable touch screen with status recognition light on top, visible from a distance

Calcium pumps for optimal citrate anticoagulation management.

Dedicated citrate and calcium pumps for optimal citrate anticoagulation management

High-capacity scales for a robust and accurate balancing system.

High-capacity scales for a robust and accurate balancing system; clear separation of fresh (at the top) and used fluids (at the bottom), easing hygienic operation

Heparin pump for all therapies.

Heparin pump for all therapies

Four rotatable wheels with 2-stage locking system.

Four rotatable wheels with 2-stage locking system allow turning on the spot

Optical cassette.

Optical cassette detection

Air-free pressure measurement units

Air-free pressure measurement units

Blood and fluid pumps with automated insertion and ejection of all pump segments

Blood and fluid pumps with automated insertion and ejection of all pump segments

Clamps for return as well as access bloodlines.

Clamps for return as well as access bloodlines ensure emergency separation of patient and machine in case of system failures

Ergonomic handles at front and back for easier handling

Ergonomic handles at front and back for easier handling

Two highly effective integrated fluid heaters

Two highly effective integrated fluid heaters

Ergonomic design for secure and simple handling

Large and adjustable monitor for enhanced readability from various angles

  • The easy-to-read touch screen monitor allows recognition of key information even from a distance.
  • Rotation around the horizontal and vertical axes enables adjustment for different-sized users and to different relative positions of the device and user.


The new multiFiltratePRO touch screen with advanced graphic user interface

Comprehensively integrated Ci-Ca® anticoagulation

The multiFiltratePRO supports the reliable application of citrate anticoagulation through comprehensive integration into the device. Intelligent software helps reduce the complexity of citrate anticoagulation.

Intelligent coupling of all active pumps through a single user interface

  • Infused volumes of citrate and calcium solutions are automatically balanced with the filtrate pump.
  • If the blood flow is changed, the device automatically adjusts the citrate pump.
  • If the filtrate flow is changed, the calcium pump is adjusted accordingly.
  • The citrate infusion continues for a reliable, limited period of time throughout bag changes (dialysate, substituate, filtrate). This helps to avoid an early coagulation of the system.

Ci-Ca® protocol included in the software

  • For routine adjustments of Ci-Ca® therapy, information from the Ci-Ca® protocol can easily be retrieved on the screen.
  • When setting certain values outside the standard range, the multiFiltratePRO makes the user aware of potentially risky clinical situations.

Figure 6A: Ci-Ca® CVVHD / Ci-Ca® EMiC®2: Extracorporeal circuit with citrate anticogulation

Figure 6B: Ci-Ca® postCVVHDF: Extracorporeal circuit with citrate anticoagulation

Statement on the Ci-Ca® protocol:

“[It] enabled an effective treatment of acute renal failure and excellent control on the acid–base status as well on the systemic ionized calcium in combination with negligible clotting issues.”3

Practical and economic advantages of Ci-Ca® therapy with the multiFiltratePRO

Reduced healthcare budgets and increasing cost pressure call for economic solutions.

Ci-Ca® therapy with the multiFiltratePRO provides many practical and economic advantages:

  • Long filter patency, predominantly reaching 72 h, reduces the number of kits required.3, 5, 6
  • Filter changes are possible at convenient times, e.g. on Friday afternoon for low workload during the weekend (see fig. below).5
  • Up to 20 L fresh CRRT-fluid can be connected at a time resulting in long time intervals between bag changes
  • Lack of significant predilution results in efficient use of the CRRT-fluids. Approx. 30% more replacement fluid can be required in predilution compared to postdilution.7

Taking all this together, minimised workload for the staff allows an efficient patient-nurse relation.

Schematic depiction of filter changes during CRRT treatment: heparin vs Ci-Ca® citrate anticoagulation

Supporting your clinical practice

Fresenius Medical Care is the global leader in dialysis services and products. The highest medical standards are our benchmark.

multiIntenseCare by Fresenius Medical Care is a comprehensive concept for the supply of your ICU patients, combining products, therapy assistance, training and education, and service support.



Fresenius Medical Care was the first to offer a complete Ci-Ca® regional citrate anticoagulation. Ci-Ca® improves anticoagulation in CRRT and reduces the risk of bleeding complications.1–3

CiCa - multiIntenseCare


The Pillars

Our product design follows a holistic approach: CRRT monitors, haemofilters, tubing systems and fluids are designed for a well-concerted clinical application.


Bearing the clinical application in mind, Fresenius Medical Care goes beyond standard service and assists staff by providing complementary therapy information.

Besides direct training on products and their application, Fresenius Medical Care participates in numerous events for physicians and nurses each year. A number of these events are certified by regional medical associations, some of them qualifying for Continuing Medical Education credits (CME).


Intensive care units work 24/7 and CRRT can be required at any time. Through accurate device maintenance and quick repairs when needed, multiFiltratePRO is kept available to serve its purpose: delivering CRRT upon demand.



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